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Advantech Wireless is a leading wireless broadband communications solution provider for Commercial,Critical Infrastructure & Government and Military clients. The smarter solutions give clients the freedom reach farther, to achieve reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, and accomplish critical missions of global significance. Advantech Wireless designs turnkey terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that maximize performance and minimize operational costs, all with uncompromising quality. With the customized approach, award-winning R&D and innovative engineering, we empower you to achieve excellence in communication, while you experience reduced CAPEX and OPEX overall.

| GaN Base Power Amplifier

Outdoor GaN: C-Band

Outdoor GaN: Ku-Band

Outdoor GaN: X-Band

Indoor GaN: C-Band

Indoor GaN: Ku-Band

Indoor GaN: X-Band

| GaAs Base Power Amplifier

Outdoor GaAs: C-Band

Outdoor GaAs: Ku-Band

Outdoor GaAs: X-Band

Indoor GaAs: C-Band

Indoor GaAs: X-Band

| Remote M&C panel for BUC and SSPA

| Indoor Frequency Converter

Indoor Block Frequency Converters:

Indoor Synthesized Frequency Converters:

Switch Controller for Frequency Converter:

| Outdoor Frequency Converter

Outdoor Block Frequency Converters:

Outdoor Synthesized Frequency Converter:

|  Satellite Systems