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Block Downconverters

Block Downconverter

BD Series Block Downconverters are designed to translate a block of C-Band, X-Band, or Ku-Band RF input frequencies to L-Band. These block downconverters have the quality, stability and performance required for demanding receiver applications in today’s diverse satellite communications systems.

  • C-Band, X-Band, or Ku-Band input
  • L- Band output:
    • C-Band = 800 MHz BW
    • X-Band = 500 MHz BW
    • Ku-Band = 750, 800 or 1050 MHz BW
  • Phase-locked oscillator
  • INTELSAT/EUTELSAT-compliant phase noise
  • Stable internal reference (20 MHz) or
  • externally referenced (10 MHz)
  • 13 dB or 23 dB (minimum) conversion gain

BD Series converters may be powered by one of two methods: Either supply +Vdc between the center conductor and ground of the L-Band output cable (cable powered), or apply +Vdc to the DC power RFI and the ground lug.

The alarm RFIs provide a Form ‘C’ contact set which indicates a fault if phase lock is lost. The alarm circuit is rated at 100 V at 50 mA.