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In recent years, the volume of information stemming from the web and social networks has increased by a large scale. Its diversity has also expanded – from websites to real people.

Avatars (virtual agents) are created and operated by intelligence analysts who gather information from open sources and human sources on the web. Lynx assists analysts with creating, managing and maintaining the avatars’ essential information over time, by using worldwide proxy services for safe browsing and by following the proper intelligence methodologies.

In addition, the system offers automation services to provide the analysts with relevant information in real time, a capability which significantly improves the common manual procedure of information and targets management.

Conducting HUMINT Operations

  • Avatar management for a range of platforms: social media, forums, blogs, surface and deep web
  • Simple connection to multiple accounts with the click of just one button
  • Anonymity via global proxy infrastructure, for ultimate discretion with zero compromise of user experience
  • Management and analysis of targets’ activities with artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Integration with various intelligence systems for smooth and optimal workflows

Avatars Management

  • Avatar profiles dashboard ensuring smooth operation
  • Supporting different social media platforms
  • Optional connectivity to Tangles and Trapdoor for optimized end-to-end investigations

Anonymized Browsing

  • Anonymized access to the internet
  • Management of agent details
  • Wide range of locations across the globe

Browser Application Extension

  • Easy to use plug-in for quick manual analysis of websites
  • Complete case-management from within the browser
  • Selection of avatars as access points to the web
  • Automatic documentation of the avatar’s activity

Web Page Data Extraction

  • Import text, images or complete web pages
  • Automated natural language processing (NLP) of web content
  • Entity extraction and classification