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ManPak T C100FM, C100FA

C100FM FA Flyaway Antenna

The Communications & Power Industries (CPI) innovative ManPak T line leads the way in the next generation of flyaway terminals. Available in 60cm to 1.0m reflector sizes, this tripod antenna line features simple manual or automated satellite acquisition; an intuitive GUI; and a range of optional extra features.

ManPak T is lightweight, and IATA compliant allowing for ease of transportation. The completely waterproof and rugged design allows for operation in even the most challenging of conditions, be that in a war zone for military communications; capturing breaking news stories from the front line; or distributing CCTV from remote locations on international borders.

  • High performance carbon fiber segmented antenna
  • Assisted, fast acquisition via intuitive GUI (C100FA)
  • Lightweight, IATA compliant
  • Packs into one case (two cases for the C100FA)
  • Ka, Ku & X-band
  • Set up time less than 5 minutes
  • ITAR free
  • C100FA includes a clip-on auto pointing pack
  • Interchangeable feed system for swapping frequency bands
  • Range of integrated BUC/SSPB and LNB options available
  • Common mount for C060 and C100
  • Optional auto-pointing kit can be easily retro fitted or swapped between antennas and sizes