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Ku-Band 1000W Outdoor GaN

Second Generation GaN Technology

  • High power density in a compact, rugged, weatherproof package
  • Designed for Multi Carrier Operations
  • High Performance GaN Technology SSPA Outdoor design concept
  • High Reliability, High Linearity, Low Energy Consumption

The Ultimate Solution For Direct To Home TV

  • Save 8 to 10 dB power compared to Indoor Klystron
  • Save Millions of dollars in Energy Cost, Satellite Bandwidth, CAPEX
  • Can cover multiple transponders, full DVB-S2 enabled
  • Rugged, Weatherproof Outdoor Package,
  • MIL-STD-188-164A Compliant
  • Redundant Ready, Power Expandable to 2-5 kW by phase combining
  • Exceeds all barriers between Klystrons, TWTs and SSPAs
  • We can now saturate all transponders of an entire satellite and obtain maximum bandwidth/power efficiency! (using modular RF concept)
  • 2 years warranty, due to increased GaN Technology reliability
  • Backed by over 25 years of Outdoor SSPA design and manufacturing.