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Tangles – Web Intelligence Platform

Advanced and easy-to-use engine for thorough and automatic web investigations, covering the surface web, deep web and social media platforms.

Attain unmatched situational awareness through real-time, online content monitoring – obtaining valuable intelligence. Extract volumes of data from various web sources such as social media platforms, blogs, forums, news sites and more. Users can easily expand a single lead into a complete end-to-end investigation. Using the smart algorithms and case management tools offered, users are able to profile targets, map groups, manage events and achieve operational dominance.

Harnessing its top-notch proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Tangles directly addresses the needs of private and government sectors, simply and efficiently.


Main Advantages:

  • Coverage of countless sources
  • Unconventional querying for data extraction
  • Target details discovery and profiling
  • Identification of social circles and connections
  • Accessibility to targets with limited public information
  • Live data analysis and alerts
  • Seamless integration to new data sources


  • Advanced yet simple web querying tools
  • Search on multiple social networks and websites concurrently
  • Target profiling using web fingerprints reconstruction


  • Real-time insightful automatic alerts
  • Supports keyword dictionaries and target inputs
  • Reveals connections between seemingly non related events and entities


  • Deep collection and analysis of targeted information
  • Supports analysis of profiles, groups, keywords and geofences
  • Various output results such as posts, locations, profiles, unique identifiers and visual link analysis


  • Setting criteria for real time data collection
  • Continuous extraction of new information
  • Automatic analysis of incoming results for deeper operational insights