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Trapdoor – Active Web Intelligence

Trapdoor is an innovative web solution developed as a dynamic platform for links creation and management. The system is multipurpose; ranging from measuring and affecting mass audiences up to the remote extraction of technical details using non-intrusive methods.

The solution looks past the hardened network perimeter and client system by using innovative methods to launch directed command modules at the connected source.

The solution equips the user with the flexibility to design, create and manage any operational plan. It can handle vast amounts of connections in real time, enabling the user to easily view all the information under their domains, and to receive the relevant alerts as they happen.


Gaining Active Intelligence

  • Rebuild any link from across the web
  • Manage multiple connections simultaneously
  • Extract properties such as IP and identifiers
  • Trace general location and map visualization
  • Create unique target ID by device fingerprinting
  • Provide an extensive and flexible set of tools

Links Management

  • Selection of any relevant link from across the web
  • Links deployment from multiple platforms
  • Handling multiple connections concurrently


  • Automatic visitor identification and classification
  • Extraction of various identifiers such as IP and technical data
  • Unique approach which creates an online user fingerprint

Web Designer

  • On-the-fly design of complete webpages
  • Design tailor-made message templates
  • Modify page content
  • Adaptation to desktop and mobile

Social Engineering Capabilities

  • Influencing public opinion
  • Mass audience exposure
  • Virtual sites & pop-up menus