Cisco Telepresence

The Cisco’s TelePresence Meeting solution combines a high-quality with ultra-high-definition 1080p video, audio etc. Meeting participants’ feel as if they are in the same room, even though they may on separate continents, with the ability to see and hear others in ultra-high-definition video and wideband spatial audio, users truly experience the subtleties and nuances delivered by body language, eye contact and facial gestures that make up more than 60 percent of communications.

Many people may think a Cisco Telepresence and video conferencing is the same thing but a video conference is a type of communication which includes communication using image and audio. However, it is included high end Codec that support only high bandwidth, it’s basically being in a remote location and even though it is not completely related to video conferencing.

The TelePresence is a typical video conference system which including a Codec, monitor and sound system. Conference rooms may need additional monitors, microphones and speakers for many people in the room and often added to create a more full sense of the moving video and audio between video conference locations.

About the Effect,there are distraction free interactive video communication & collaboration. Meeting participants in a Telepresence will appear life size and their voices sound as they would if all meeting participants were in the same conference room. Additionally, smooth, easy and reliable presentation of computer content between meeting participants is generally considered a significant feature in the overall of the Effects.

In order to create the effects,video conferencing companies such Cisco, bind together and conceal multiple codec, camera, speakers, microphones and monitors into a video wall or a large monitor panorama. This wall or panorama is supplemented by high quality audio so that speech clarity and tone from meeting participants are nearly perfect which means that a person's voice sounds like it comes from them because it emanates from or near a monitor on which they appear.

The result is an interactive video conference with a level of visual and audio clarity that is stunningly real and life like. The Effect is a significant step beyond everyday video conferencing with set top systems Telepresence is a wonderful technology which is becoming essential nowadays. It has many benefits which have been discussed above. Not just in businesses, but in all aspects of our life can be used.Cisco’s Telepresence is represent an amazing product that brings true, life size, meeting attendees to your meeting. This technology invites collaboration with partners down the street or around the global. Built into a specially designed room in the Discovery Building, it allows users to connect with other meeting rooms, video conferencing systems, smart phones and the Cisco Jabber Video software for the Mac/PC/iPad. Cisco TelePresence,participants focus on the meeting and the high-technology. During a video conference, the monitor displays an identical semicircular table in the remote meeting room, making the tables at each site appear as one round table. When a person in the remote room speaks, he or she sounds and feels as though they are in the room with the local participants.  

Cisco Telepresence ISDN Link

Cisco ISDN Link

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Cisco Telepresence Microphones

Cisco Microphones

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Cisco Telepresence SX80

Cisco SX80

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Cisco Telepresence Touch Device

Cisco Touch Device

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Cisco IX5000 Series

Cisco IX5000 Series

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Cisco Telepresence SpeakerTrack 60 Camera

Cisco SpeakerTrack 60 Camera

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Cisco Telepresence SX10 Quick Set

Cisco SX10 Quick Set

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medium-sized meeting rooms

Cisco WebEx Room Series

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