• Wireless Network
  • Wired Network
  • Multimedia

Digital TV

  • Production
  • Transmission

PlanetComm Products

  • Set Top Box
  • Mobile Vehicle
  • Network Management System for Satellite Earth Station LNX Redundant Control
  • Radio Jammer

PlanetComm Services

  • Consultancy, System Design, Installation, Training
  • Maintenance Service
  • Repair Services

About PlanetComm

Planet Communications Asia Public Company Limited, located in Bangkok, Thailand was founded on April 27, 1994. Our mission from the outset was to provide the professional services such as consultancy, development and implementation of satellite communication solution for public and private sectors. With our proven knowledge, expertise and experience, we offer the total solutions covering multiple technology areas which are Telecommunications, Broadcast-Digital TV, PlanetComm Products and PlanetComm Services. We represent world-class vendor products such as Codan, Comtech, Cisco, Thales and Thomson etc.


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