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PlanetComm Provides Professional Services

The Company provides consultative services, designs, installations, including after-sales service for telecommunication equipment and systems, with over 25 years of experience.The Company is equipped with tools and equipment ,a team of trained professional engineers, specialized in providing quality services, divided into 4 types, consisting of

1. Pre-Sales Services

  • Providing consult and system design for telecommunication systems according to customer needs,for most efficient system, low investment and cost-efficiency investment
  • Providing project proposal service as per customer requirements.

2. Implement & Installation Services

  • Project Management: Providing project managemen, tadministration, project planning from the commencement to the completion of the project to meet customers requirements.
  • Integration: Providing integration system by teams of specialists in specific technologies, system design, solutions to meet customers requirements.
  • Installation: Providing installation, testing, and delivery as designed and required by customers.
  • Training: Providing training services for customers after completion of the project and new feature updates.

3. After Sales Services

  • Product Warranty (Extended Product Warranty)
    • Product Warranty 
      The product warranty will be valid for 1 year.
    • Free Factory Repair
      In case of defective devices due to production or malfunction during the warranty, the Company will be responsible for
      delivering defective devices to the factory for repair or recovery free of charge within 60 days.
    • Software Updates and Upgrades
      Customers have the right to upgrade to the latest software version for most efficient operation.
    • Help Desk/ Telephone technical support
      The customer can ask for assistance in case of malfunction devices. The Company’s engineers will provide technical support or troubleshooting for customers by call in normal working days (Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm)
  • SWAP
    The Company provides backup equipment in replacement of damaged devices to facilitate smooth operations of devices. The SWAP Replacement value depends on type of device.
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
    Preventive Maintenance Services : The Company will send staff to perform equipment maintenance as scheduled to avoid any damages or defections to the device as follows

    • Checking readiness of operation.
    • Improving and fixing when defects found.
    • Cleaning
    • Upgrading the latest software version according to the terms of product warranty.
    • Suggesting techniques for uses of devices as per customers requirement.
    • Introducing new products and technologies to facilitate customers’ work development and improvement.
  • ONSITE Services
    It is the service in case those customers encounter problems with device operation. After being notified and detected of equipment damage, the Company will send engineers to fix within 24 hours (the customer has the right to purchase the repair service when notified, in case that the customer purchased the maintenance services as scheduled only). There are 3 levels of service as follows

    • 5 working days for 8 hours (5X8)
    • 7 days for 8 hours (7X8)
    • 7 days for 4 hours (7X24)
  • On-Call Services
    It is the service in case of malfunction operations of customers’ device. The On-Call Service is available for buying on individual time basis.Price depends on type of device and area of service.
  • Repair 
    It is the service provided by engineers well-trained from manufacturer, specialized in and experience in devices, testing tools and high quality spare parts for good quality repair work which makes the Company acceptable by manufacturers and customers.


4. Rental

  • It provides a variety of teleconferencing and digital TV broadcasting devices to meet customers needs.