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About PlanetComm

Company Overview


Planet Communications Asia Public Company Limited or PlanetComm (henceforth “the Company”) was established on 27 April 1994, originally under the name Technology Gateway Asia Co., Ltd. with a registered start-up capital of 2 million baht. The Company was co-founded by Mr. Prapat Rathlertkarn and Mr. Trevor Thompson, who have been in the IT business for over 30 years. It initially offered the professional consultancy, development and implementation of satellite communication systems for both public and private sectors. On 20 October 1998, the company changed its name to Planet Communications Asia Co., Ltd. The company traded ordinary shares on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) under the stock symbol “PCA” on 23 June 2014, and change of short title under Stock Exchange from to “PLANET” on 13 September 2017.

Led by experienced management with proven success and expertise in the industry, the Company has enjoyed continued expansion and become an authorized distributor of many leading telecommunications vendors, such as CISCO, Sony, THALES and ClearOne. The company has since broadened its line of products and services into a full range of telecommunications functions, covering wired and wireless network, multimedia systems, as well as terrestrial and digital television broadcasting. Under the PlanetComm brand, it has engaged in the design, development and integration of devices for IT solutions.

The Company has also been appointed as a CODAN SERVICE CENTER, due to its extensive knowledge and competency in telecommunications. However, it is also fully-equipped and well-staffed to provide maintenance and repair services for other leading vendors, such as GE, and Comtech EF Data. This allows for PlanetComm to offer a complete telecommunications service to its customers.

Vision & Mission


PlanetComm is Digital Technology Provider for sustainable growth and improves a better quality of life.



PlanetComm aims to provide solutions for our valued customers. In digital transformation era, Technology is the key success factor. PlanetComm is dedicated to making use of it to maximize the efficiency business


Competitive Strategy

PlanetComm has been in the telecommunications and digital television broadcasting technology industry for over 25 years, as distributor, retailer and systems integrator for over 25 years. PlanetComm prides itself on providing premium products and systems and enlisting teams of professional capable in pre-sales and after-sales services. The Company’s principles for developing a competitive differentiation strategy are as follows

1. New Products

To boost competitiveness and position the Company as a leader in telecommunications and digital TV markets in the AEC, the Company puts a strong emphasis on delivering innovative technologies with following policies:
Seek new products with high performance and sophistication, both from world-class telecommunications manufacturers for which the Company is a distributor and from new vendors that engage in cutting edge R&D. The Company can thus launch novel products and technologies in the market and maintain product and utility differentiation and to comprehensively serve customer needs.


2. Solution Sales

The Company has Develop R&D Team as well as engineer’s proficient in integrated systems to customize solutions according to customer specifications and cater to different markets.
With the development of new types of services continuously, to meet ever-changing customer demands. The on-going development of new services, such as mobile satellite communications systems and on demand teleconference system, are part of the Company’s sales strategy to enhance customer value added (CVA), for example, PlanetFiber 1Gbps high speed internet through fiber optic from the source to room unit, PlanetCloud, Software as a Service (SaaS.)


3. Professional Services

The Company’s goal is to operate the business and provide our customers professional services. We have operated and implemented working system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards since 2001. This is to certify quality of our working process and services under international standards and continuous development, equipped with high quality products and most innovative technologies, personnel and engineers specialized in design, complete installation, working facilities in terms of places, auxiliary equipment, testing devices, service centers and past working experiences. Therefore, we are entrusted by leading organizations, manufacturers providing services, designs and installations for Telecommunications and Digital TV Systems to provide customers quality and cost-efficiency services.


4. Retain the Existing Customers and Acquiring New Customers

With the availability of high-quality products and the latest technology. Personnel and engineers with expertise in design, fully integrated installation, work facilities in terms of location, reserve equipment, testing equipment, service center and past work experience, The Company is trusted by leading firm and organizations. Factory that can provide design, installation, telecommunication and digital TV systems for customers with quality and worthwhile investment. As well as adding new products and developing new service platform to increase the number of new customers in new markets such as

• Smart Pole for smart city development, is the use of climate monitoring tools, dust concentration detector, telephone signal system, and at the electric car charts (EV), for example. The product is being offered to partners and government organizations which will initially be used to provide services in leading tourist districts.

• Telemedicien for hospitals and the health center by using technology that helps patients and medical staff to be able to talk to each other in real-time as well as communication through video conference system in which the conversational partner can connect face to face without restriction in time and place etc.


5. Distribution Channel and Target Customers

The Company distributes its products and services using two methods as follows;

• Distribution of products and services directly to customers

Sale Department contacts customers directly to discuss products and services. Sales personnel are divided into five teams by target sector, due to different business methods and characteristics. The department is responsible for customer care and offering a variety of services, as well as customizing services to fulfill client specifications. The Company’s customers include both public and private organizations categorized as follows;

a) Broadcasting Sector are consisting of terrestrial, satellite, cable and internet protocol TV (IPTV) operators as well as related business. These operators broadcast video and audio signals to the general public locally. Examples include Bangkok Broadcasting & TV Co., Ltd (Channel 7), Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station (Channel 5), True Visions Cable PLC., MCOT PCL, BEC Multimedia Co., Ltd (Channel 3), The One Enterprise Co., Ltd (GMM One) and Triple V Broadcast Co., Ltd. (Thairath TV).

b) Telecommunications Service Provider Sector are consisting of service providers of information networks, mobile phone networks and internet networks. Example includes True Corporation PLC, Total Access Communications PLC (DTAC) and Thaicom PLC.

c) Commercial Sectors are consisting of businesses that require implementation of intra-network systems for company information, communications and applications. Examples include Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., CP All Public Company Limited, Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and PTT Public Company Limited.

d) Public Sectors are consisting of public agencies and state enterprises that require to develop intra-organizational information and communications technology infrastructure systems. State procurement methods mostly involve procedures similar to those under government regulations, e.g. request for tender (RFT), e-Auction, etc. Public entities that engage telecommunications services include the Royal Thai Police Headquarters, Court of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, Kasetsart University, Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority.

e) International Sector are consisting of agencies and organizations from foreign nations, particularly in ASEAN region such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. Examples include Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Camintel S.A.., Scope Tel Sdn.Bhd, and the Department of Civil Aviation (Myanmar).


• Distribution of Products and Services via Business Partners
The majority of the Company’s business partners are also in the ICT industry, purchasing the Company’s products and services in addition to their own, for sales and tenders. These partners include Samart Telcoms PCL., Loxley Wireless PLC, SVOIA PLC and Supreme Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd.



Type of 4P Innovations

Product Innovation

It is referred to changes in “Products and Services” of the organization to be modernized and in line with current technologies and best serve customers’ demand


Process Innovation

It is referred to changes in production process, product presentations, release of new innovation to the market for just-in time products and services presentation.


Position Innovation

It is referred to changes in type of products and services or changes of position of products and services ever launched to the market to be updated and modernized for perception and comprehension.


Paradigm Innovation

It is referred to innovation to conceptual changes (Change in Mental Model) for products and services creativity.

Trusted Provider

The Company has considerable advantages due to its principles of innovation and competency and has built a strong reputation. Many leading organizations and manufacturers trust the Company to provide quality and cost effective services related to the design and integration of telecommunications and broadcasting and digital TV system. This trust also comes from the Company’s emphasis on social responsibility, as follows

Proven Experiences

  • The Company has been a provider of telecommunications services since 1994.
  • The Company has been entrusted with the comprehensive services, from consultation and design to integration and customization of telecommunications and broadcasting and digital TV systems, Its domestic client base includes leading organizations in both public and private sectors, communications service providers, Ministry of Finance (Thailand), OTT Public Co., Ltd. and TV Stations for Channel 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and TPBS, ASEAN clients include Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Camintel SA., Department for Civil Aviation (Myanmar) and more.


Vendor Recognition

From leading manufacturer that can attest to the Company’s business capacity and quality control. The Company as an authorized distributor of products and services by world-class vendors such as CISCO, Thales, GE, Comtech EF Data, Viasat, Harmonic, Evertz, Net Insight, and Sony. The Company and its employees have received awards and certificates from these vendors in recognition of technical and marketing achievements which can verify the quality of its products and services.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
which continues to guide business operations. The Company aims at becoming a national asset with sustainable growth. Therefore, it places priority on participation in social and community activities. The Company’s CSR policy can be divided into three main parts:

  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Community support

Past CSR works involved cleaning Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samed, Rayong, giving desk calendars for Braille production and financial support given to the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under The Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queen.