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Dividend Policy

According to PCA policy, the dividend payment is not less than 50% of net profit after corporate income deduction. However, the dividend payment rate can be less than the stipulated rate in case that it is necessary that PCA shall spend such net profit for its business expansion.

Security BoD Approved Date XD Date Dividend payment date Type of dividend Dividend per Share (Baht/share) Performance Period
PLANET 27/02/2021 Omit Dividend payment 01/01/20-31/12/20
PLANET 25/02/2020 Omit Dividend payment 01/01/19-31/12/19
PLANET 25/02/2019 Omit Dividend payment 01/01/18-31/12/18
PLANET 22/02/2018 Omit Dividend payment 01/01/17-31/12/17
PLANET 27/02/2017 Omit Dividend payment 01/01/16-31/12/16
PLANET 25/02/2016 10/05/2016 26/05/2016 Cash Dividend 0.14 01/01/15-31/12/15
PLANET 24/02/2016 27/05/2016 27/05/2016 Cash Dividend 0.12 01/01/14-31/12/14