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Cambium Networks cnMaestro

Cambium Networks CnMaestro

Wireless service providers and enterprises need an easy to deploy management system that enables them to efficiently manage and grow their network. Cambium Networks cnMaestro management platform is tailor made to simplify management of your Cambium network.

The cnMaestro platform is available in the cloud and will be deployable on premise, built from the ground up for secure, end-to-end network lifecycle management: inventory management, onboarding devices, daily operations and maintenance. By offering full visibility across the entirety of a network, cnMaestro greatly simplifies management of all network devices.


By hosting cnMaestroTM in the cloud and dealing with all the complexities of server management and deployment, Cambium can help to keep your device management costs low. With cnMaestroTM cloud support, there are no up-front hardware expenses, and you can grow from 10s of devices to 1000s as your network requirements increase. The ability to access your devices from anywhere, and to simplify overall management, should additionally decrease long-term operations expenses.

Full Visibility Across the Network:
  • Single pane of glass to manage an entire network, including backhaul point-to-point (PTP) links, point-to-multipoint (PMP) access and WiFi
  • Dedicated dashboards for each device, with common and centralized upgrade and device configuration workflows to minimize the learning curve for network managers
Client End-to-End Troubleshooting:
  • One-click functionality reveals the entire chain of network nodes related to the problem area, displaying the results of performance and latency tests, as well as sub-system level health checks on a single screen
  • Managers will see network elements on Google maps that may be causing issues and determine timely solution
Frictionless Deployment:
  • Define device configurations in advance and have them automatically applied at the time of installation
  • Ensure large networks are kept up to date by easily managing software upgrades and configuration changes
Power of Secure Cloud:
  • Access cnMaestroTM quickly from wherever you are using secure HTTPS. No need for VPN connections.
  • The management system always has the latest updates and the latest device software is always at your fingertips.
Designed for Wireless:
  • Many ways to view your wireless network data including maps, performance charts and tables to quickly assess a single device or an entire group.
  • Wireless parameters and statistics automatically available enabling operators to focus on designing and growing their network, not their management system.

Detailed Features

cnMaestro is a full-featured network management system. The features will continue to be enhanced and extended over upcoming releases. The core functionality in cnMaestro 1.0 includes the following:

  • Hierarchical Dashboards: Visualize your devices from tower to edge with customized dashboards for each device type.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Display tower-to-edge status in a single graphic, view Wi-Fi client details and health, and troubleshoot client connectivity directly on the AP.
  • Notifications: View immediate status with stateful alarms, and troubleshoot customer issues by filtering on alarm history and reviewing events
  • Device Inventory: Access your devices at the system level, or by network, tower, or sector. Device data can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.
  • Statistics and Trending: View historical radio and network statistics.
  • Bulk Image Upgrade: Upgrade the software images in a sector or across sectors in a single job. Queue upgrade jobs during the day so they can be run in the evening, when the network is less utilized.
  • Template-Based Configuration: Push configuration to single devices or to groups of devices across your network using templates.
  • Maps and Map Modes: Leverage Google Maps satellite view to position your devices and visualize their health and connectivity. Change the mode of the map to graphically display various wireless key performance indicators.
  • Zero Touch Onboarding: Preconfigure supported Cambium devices so they will be automatically onboarded when provided with network connectivity.
  • Multiple Administrators: Invite colleagues by email to manage the devices in your organization’s cnMaestroTM account.