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EMR – 64×64 – 3G

High Density Modular Video Router (3G, HD, SD, ASI)

The EMR–64×64–3G is a 64–input by 64–output modular router designed to natively switch SD, HD and 3G signals. It supports UHD signals as quad–link using deterministic routing. Single–link 12G UHD support can also be added as a feature key.

A variety of different rear plates are available that provide connections via HDBNC, fi ber or a combination of both.

For maximum control fl exibility, this router can be used in conjunction with Evertz award–winning MAGNUM Unifi ed Control System. Or, for smaller systems, the router can host a number of Evertz® control panel models over Ethernet.


The EMR–64×64–3G is housed in any of the standard Evertz EMX6 or EMX3 frames supporting dual frame controllers, providing redundant control connections.

Remote Control Panel

Any traditional or simple Evertz control panels can be used with the EMR–64×64–3G while hosted either locally or through the control system.

External Third–Party Control

The EMR–64×64–3G can be controlled remotely via external third–party control devices, such as an automated system.

Power Supply

The EMR–64×64–3G is housed in standard Evertz EMX6 or EMX3 frames, both of which support dual hot–swappable power supplies ensuring continuous operation.


The EMR–64×64–3G offers a full 3Gb/s bandwidth. 12G support is also available as a feature key. Automatic bitrate detection on the input equalizer allows any mix of HD, 3G and 12G signals in the same unit.

  • Designed with up to 12Gb/s input EQs and output reclockers
  • Full broadcast specifi cations
  • Quartz over IP router control
  • Redundant Ethernet network connections
  • Redundant Power
  • Full VistaLINK PRO command and control, SNMP
  • Output up to 12G — reclocking on/off
  • Rear plate support for HDBNC, fi ber or both