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Flyaway Antenna for Military

A 2.4 meters flyaway antenna for multi-band transmission on military and commercial satellites

The FA-240 is designed specifically for any application requiring a compact, rugged multiband antenna which is rapidly deployable with no tools.

The FA-240 has a unique multi-band feed arm allowing a change of frequency band in a matter of seconds simply by swapping out a quick release feed cartridge. Termination of transmit waveguide and receive coax is in a safe position at the back of the reflector.

The reflector itself is moulded from carbon fibre honeycomb, ensuring light weight and maximum strength with no deformation, even after being re-assembled hundreds of times.

The axially symmetric design with prime focus feed was chosen because of its overall compact dimensions which make the packed size of the antenna smaller than any other comparable product of similar gain.

It also means that unlike offset fed designs, each antenna petal is identical allowing simple replacement in case of damage.

Intelsat/Eutelsat compliance is guaranteed, including side lobe performance better than 29-25 logθ.

Operators in the field face difficulties and the attention to detail found in the FA-240 antenna greatly assists.

Features such as fully adjustable, wide spreading legs for high stability on any terrain.

Once deployed, zero backlash, zero back drive gears in all three axes ensure the antenna will remain on target.

The FA-240 can be fully motorised and when combined with the GigaSat STC-100 antenna controller it can automatically acquire and track, even on inclined orbit satellites, comfortably meeting WGS tracking specifications.

The FA-240 packs into two conveniently sized flight cases, which also serve as the 3 axis pedestal. These are also moulded from carbon fibre honeycomb keeping the weight down to an absolute minimum for transportation.

WGS/Skynet/XTAR certified.


  • Assembled in less than10 minutes
  • No tools required
  • Only 2 cases < 100kgs
  • Multi-band feeds changed in minutes
  • WGS certified for X and Ka bands
  • Skynet and XTAR certified for X-band
  • Intelsat/Eutelsat compliant for commercial bands
  • MIL-STD-810G Certified Version
  • Modem agnostic, L-band interface
  • Complete, integrated, systems available