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Satellite Mobile Vehicles


Planet Communications Asia Co.,Ltd.,

PlanetComm, we are Leader of Telecommunications and Digital TV Technologies in ASEAN region. We design, make, integrate, install Total Solution System for Enterprise, Public Sector, Service Provider, Broadcasting and International Clients/Markets. Our diversified technologies and products are developed from world class vendors as well as our in-house R&D team, which are consisting of Wireless Network, Wired Network, Multimedia and Digital TV. By our proven experiences and technical knowledge since 1994, we are confident to make communications work for our customer’s requirements as a Trusted Advisor. Our professional services from Pre-Sales, Implementation and After Sales are processing through ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

PlanetComm received ISO9001 Version 2000 certification on September10th 2001 and operates under ISO 9001 Version 2008 on September 17, 2010

At PlanetComm, we have experience to design, customize, integrate and produce any kinds of wireless. Our success is to fulfill the customer needs and requirement to serve their critical mission such as mobile command center,  rapid response vehicle, Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) etc. We have the variety of mobile vehicles, small, medium and large vehicle, to fit our customer budget, meet requirement and comply the policies.

Transportable Satcom Terminal/Trailer
Transportable Satcom Terminal/Trailer
  • Transportable Satcom Terminal
  • Trailer  based,  does  not require dedicated vehicle
  • 2.4 meters C-Band Satcom Antenna with auto acquisition using GPS + Fluxgate compass
  • Completely   self-contained   communication terminal e/w genset fuel tank and environmentally controlled equipment enclosure
  • Battlefield proven design, already deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan
Outside Broadcasting Van
Outside Broadcasting Van
  • Long Wheel Base 6-10 Wheel Truck or Trailer with Stabilizers
  • Up to 20 cameras system support
  • Expanding sides for additional internal space
  • Mobile television control room
  • Equipment with a video switcher, intercom, graphic, audio, recorder/play backs and all the engineering equipment required to maintain a quality signal
  • Divide each space is clear and easy to operate; Production Area, Audio Areas, Video control and Transmission
  • Separate power network for security
  • Automatic leveling system
  • Customized   rack   and   technical  furniture consoles
Satcom On The Move
Satcom On The Move
  • Always-On & Seamless Connectivity
  • Low profile, attractive design
  • IPStar approved
  • Reliable Communication
  • Nationwide Coverage with IPStar Satellite
  • IP Compatible
  • Flexible Bandwidth Usage
  • Easy Installation & Simple Operation
Large Wireless Mobile Vehicle
Large Wireless Mobile Vehicle
  • Long Wheel Base  6  Wheel Truck 15 Ton with Stabilizers
  • 24 KVA  Electrical  Power Generator with sound proof enclosure
  • Satellite C-Band  Tx/Rx System with 2.4 meters Antenna, BUC, LNB and Modem
Medium Wireless Mobile Vehicle
Medium Wireless Mobile Vehicle
  • Long Wheel Base VAN (Mercedes Benz Sprinter) with 4X2 Wheel Base, 5 Ton Load, 2400 cc. with Stabilizers
  • 10 KVA Electrical Power Generator with sound-proof enclosure
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Satellite C-Band Tx/Rx System with 2.4 meters Antenna, BUC, LNB and Modem
  • Point to Point Broadband Wireless Access
  • Wi-Fi Access Point – 802.11n
  • Radio  Interconnect  System  with VHF/HF/Trunk Radio, GSM, VoIP, Satcom, etc.
  • Video Conference System
Small Wireless Mobile Vehicle
Small Wireless Mobile Vehicle
  • 4X2 Wheel Drive, Toyota Fortuner
  • Stabilizers
  • Satellite Ku-Band Tx/Rx System with 1.2 meters Antenna, BUC, LNB and Modem
  • Point to Point Broadband Wireless Access
  • Wi-Fi Access Point – 802.11n
  • Radio Interconnect System with VHF/HF/Trunk  Radio, GSM, VoIP, Satcom etc
  • Video Conference System