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Live Content Producer


The Anycast Touch AWS-750 Live Content Producer is a powerful content creation tool for a wide range of live applications such as education, houses of worship, and corporate seminars.

With the all-in-one style featuring a double touch-screen, the Anycast Touch enables intuitive, easy operation, and eliminates the cumbersome setup and signal adjustment process typically required when connecting various devices. Users can also store the setup information of all attached video sources, such as the camera input, title data, and transition effects. Additionally, scene lists can be prepared beforehand, allowing users to simply switch scenes during an event with just a single tap.

With a variety of powerful functionalities packed in its compact size, the Anycast Touch is ideal for space-limited applications and helps meet and even exceed your production requirements.

All-in-one Design

Video Switcher
  • Up to six input sources are available
  • Easy operation touch-screen system
Display Incorporated
  • All-in-one style system displays sources for input and streaming for simple operation
Recording Function
  • Records PGM or AUX output in the built-in solid state drive (SSD) in high resolution;
    recorded files can be exported and edited by various types of non-linear editor
  • Operators can generate texts to overlay onto the program output with the touch-screen keyboard;
    10 languages are available for the text typing tool
Audio Mixer
  • Up to five audio inputs can be mixed using simple touch-screen operation
  • An audio delay function and an equalizer function are available
Streaming Function
  • Stable streaming to an external streaming server
Media Player
  • Plays back a movie file or still image file as an input source
Camera Remote Control Capability
  • The Anycast Touch allows operators to easily control one or more compatible pan/tilt/zoom cameras
    at remote locations; Sony offers a variety of compatible cameras such as BRC Series cameras*

*For available models, please contact your nearest Sony office or Sony authorized dealer.