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ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X

The Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X is our newest addition to our ceiling mic lineup and our most advanced tri-element ceiling microphone array for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications.
Flexible and easy to use, Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X is 100% RF immune, optimized for speech-intelligibility, and can daisy-chain for easy installation. It is a perfect companion to all our DSP mixers, as well as any 3rd party DSP mixers.

  • Tri-element ceiling microphone array
  • Full 360-degree coverage
  • Superior audio quality with wide bandwidth and high SNR
  • Optimized for speech-intelligibility
  • LED indicators for On/Mute
  • Up to 4 Mic arrays (12 channels) in one combined system
  • Numbered microphone elements for easy identification
  • 100% shielding for RF and other interferences
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design
  • Easily adjustable for desired height (0 feet to 7 feet)
  • White or Black color options
  • Works with all DSP mixers
CMA2 - 4 Arrays Diagram, Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X