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HX Series Load Balancing

With the advent of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and ever-growing beam capacities, it is now possible to transmit more than a Gigabit per second over a single satellite beam. However, such large throughput may exceed the individual transmit / receive capacity of the ground based modem equipment. Further complicating the issue is the use of ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) where a link or links are adjusting their MODCODs (Modulation and Coding) in real-time, thereby dynamically changing the link capacity on a per carrier basis.

Solving this issue, Comtech now offers the HX product to its portfolio of WAN Optimization (WANOp) solutions. The HX performs a dynamic load balancing function based on user IP flows*. The HX enables to create a single virtual Layer 2 connection (“trunk”), grooming together multiple individual links or paths between two network end-points, while ensuring that packets belonging to the same flow will always follow the same path. Such implementation avoids the issue of packet re-ordering and enables to operate with parallel paths of different speed and latency at very high throughput rate. It also enables to add Comtech’s FX WANOp software function in-line between the load balancer and the modem.

Typical Users

  • HTS Satellite Service Providers

Common Applications

  • Satellite Broadband Internet Backhaul (Maritime, Rural, Mobility)
  • 4G/LTE Mobile Backhaul