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Military Tactical Mobile Solution

The Will-Burt Company, along with its subsidiaries GEROH and ITS, offer a broad selection of mobile telescopic masts, lattice towers and accessories to elevate a variety of mission critical payloads. Each family of elevation solutions is designed and manufactured with a unique set of characteristics tuned to optimize payload performance and meet the most stringent performance criteria. High performance tactical trailers round out the military offerings of The Will-Burt Company.

The ability of Will-Burt to deliver superior elevation solutions is attributed to its worldwide leadership in the industry for over 30 years. Teams of experienced research and development engineers, design engineers and ISO 9001:2015 quality systems certified manufacturing experts are backed by a sales and marketing support structure focused on delivering the correct customer solution on time, every time.

Whether your program requires a commercial off-the-shelf solution or a highly engineered customized product, The Will-Burt Company has the experience, design know-how and manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique requirements.


  • Worldwide elevation leader for over 30 years
  • Wide array of elevation products designed for specific missions
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality & ISO 14001:2004 environmental systems certified manufacturing
  • Innovative custom solutions designed by experienced engineers
  • Superior customer support


High performance composite telescoping mast

  • High  pointing  accuracy  and  low wind deflection: Internal keys and rigid design maintain azimuth and eliminate the need for guylines.
  • High weight lifting capacity for greater safety and payload accommodations
  • Higher strength for lighter weight: Lightweight carbon fiber construction driven by stainless steel electro-mechanical drive screw
  • Advanced safety: Automatic sectional locking assures personnel and payload safety
  • Low maintenance costs: Easy, routine field and depot maintenance
  • Use in harsh environments including ice and high wind:Positive retraction
Stiletto HD

Stiletto HD

offers additional benefits over the standard Stiletto design

  • Greater pointing accuracy:  Greater  strength and rigidity, lower wind deflection
  • 48% lower linear deflection
  • Greater lifting capacity: Higher  load  drive system capacity for heavier payloads
  • Increased stability: Due  to  additional tube overlap
  • Increased safety: Three locks on heavy-duty collars
  • On-The-Move: Persistent surveillance (Consult factory for OTM payload capacity – 6 m HD model only)
Stiletto AL

Stiletto AL

High accuracy electromechanical telescoping mast

  • No guying required, self-supporting mast
  • Minimal mast twist
    • Energized keyway guides in accessory-ready collars
  • Low wind deflection
    •  Mast    sections   are   held   tight by constricting wear bands
  • Quiet Operation
    • Direct-drive    system    powered    by  environmentally sealed 600 watt DC motor with manual over ride
    • Patent  Pending  Quiet  Locks  designed for heavy payloads
  • Reduced maintenance
    • Clean  air  filter  system prevents  dirt  from entering mast
    • Integrated dirt/dust wipers and ice-breakers built into collars
  • High strength alloy construction
  • Integrated PC control
  • MIL-STD 810 compliant
Non-Locking Pneumatic Masts

Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Non-Locking (HDNL) and Super Heavy-Duty Non-Locking (SHDNL) Masts

  • Maintains azimuth – minimal twist deflection: Reliable full-length external keyways.
  • Operates  in  extreme environments: External wipers protect against sand and dust.
  • Low maintenance and life-cycle costs: Easy to operate and maintain low friction synthetic bearings.
  • Long life: Black hardcoat protects against salt fog corrosion.

Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Locking (HDL) and Super Heavy-Duty Locking (SHDL) Masts

  • Two  full-length   external  keys  on  mast sections with matching machined keyways on collars: Maintains directional azimuth
  • Low friction synthetic bearings: Protects mast sections and collars for smooth operation and long life
  • Mechanical  Locking  Collars:  Supports high guying forces
  • Black   Hardcoat   and   sealed  aluminum surfaces: Meets MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class II & Extends life of mast and protects against salt fog corrosion
  • External  Wipers:  Protects against sand and dust
  • Ruggedized  Options:  Optional  finishes and features for military applications
Ultra HD Pneumatic Mast

Pneumatic Ultra Heavy-Duty  Locking Mast

  • Strong
    • Elevates heavier loads with greater wind sail area
    • Greater unguyed performance
  • Fast & Efficient
    • Lower nested height eliminates the need for costly and complicated tilt systems
    • Easier to deploy in urban areas
    • Safe  long-term  deployment  with easy to operate positive locking pins
  • Reliable
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • No maintenance required
    • No hydraulic fluid concerns
KVL & KVR Mast

KVL & KVR Light-Duty Crank Mast

  • Automatic locking system (KVR) Deploy at any height
  • Precision tube fit Maintains azimuth
  • Powerful cable drive system Deploy and retract in extreme weather conditions
  • Optional motor drive system
  • Designed  for  trailer,  shelter,  vehicle or field mounting
  • MIL-STD 810–F qualified
  • MIL-STD 810–G qualified
  • Field Deployment Kit Optional
SPM Spindle Mast

SPM Spindle Mast

  • Designed   for   heavy  payloads with large windsail areas
  • Precision  tolerances  maintain  azimuth and minimize deflection.
  • Precise pointing accuracy excellently suited for optical electronic intelligence, monitoring, and target recognition.
  • Designed   for   inside  and  outside vehicle installation.
  • Electronic and Manual Operation
  • MIL-STD 810–F qualified