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Novelsat Fusion

Unparalleled Broadcast Transmission Efficiency

NovelSat FUSION is an integrated Satellite Transmission / Transcoding / TransRating Solution. It enables broadcasters to squeeze even more SD, HD and UHD channels into less satellite bandwidth without costly network expansions. On top of transmission efficiency and flexibility, NovelSat Fusion also protects content using the advanced AES 256-bit encryption standard.

  • Optimized All-in-One Integration
  • Up to 80% Savings in Bandwidth Costs
  • Network Element Flexibility

Video Encoder/Transcoding TX Side

• Supports mix of uncompressed or compressed inputs
• SD, HD and UHD formats
• MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC up to 422 10bit
• Standard Mux or Statistical Mux option
• Motion-compensated high quality format conversion

Satellite Transmission

• NovelSat NS4 – World’s most bandwidth-efficient satellite waveform
• DVB-S2X, DVB-S/S2, DVB-DSNG, DVB-CID standard compliant 32APSK, 64APSK, 128APSK
• DRM with 256-bit AES encryption (Optional)
• Network Management System (Optional)

Video Decoder/Transcoding RX Side

• Transcode and/or Passthrough and/or Decode each incoming program
• DASH Streaming
• Apple HTTP Dynamic Streaming with TS and frag MP4 modes
• Microsoft Smooth Streaming
• Synchronized MPEG-2 TSoIP outputs
• MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC up to 422 10bit
• SD, HD and UHD formats
• Multi-resolution, multi-frame rate support
• Multi-channel audio support
• MCTF de-interlacing for highest video quality with interlaced inputs
• Decode outputs: SDI
• ASI output option for passthrough or transcode
• Optional SRT output