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TVU One represents a tremendous leap forward in professional live video streaming solutions. TVU One delivers high-definition picture quality with 0.5 second latency at 3Mbps within an ultra compact and rugged hardware design. It uses HEVC or H.265 compression standard to deliver greater efficiency in data use as well as increased transmission stability. With TVU One, broadcasters of live video can fully leverage the versatility of a small, lightweight, IP-based high-definition video field transmitter without sacrificing performance, features or picture quality.

Multiple Transmission Types

Aggregates cellular, Microwave, Satellite, WiFi, BGAN, and Ethernet

Low Latency

Transmit with 0.5 second latency at 3Mbps in real-world conditions

Supports Embedded Modems

Holds up to six embedded modems with the option of adding up to four external USB modems

Dependable Video

Uses proprietary IS+ technology with advanced FEC and H.264 or Enhanced H.265/HEVC

Portable & Lightweight

Weighs just 2.2 lbs /1 kg

Transmission Management with Smart Device

Wirelessly monitor and control the live transmission from a variety of wireless mobile smart devices

Touchscreen controls

Features an LCD touchscreen with live video preview and transmission controls

One Button Operation

Single-button start that boots up in less than 40 seconds

Smart VBR

Dynamically manages the bit-rate to adapt quickly to extreme fluctuations in bandwidth during live transmissions

IFB Enabled

Speak directly to a headphone equipped cameraman or talent out in the field