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DT-4500 Down Converter

Our Down Converters are the ultimate in high performance and cost effective Ku-Band frequency conversion. These can be used for SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA, as well as full transponder HDTV and analog TV. Spectral purity and stability characteristics fully meet or exceed the requirements of all domestic, international, and regional commercial satellite networks.

High Gain

Our Down Converters have +20 dBm minimum output level at the 1 dB compression point and 45 dB of gain as a standard. This capability permits longer cable runs to the modem rack or compensates for elaborate splitting networks without adding expensive options such as external line amplifiers.

Low Phase Noise

The phase noise performance exceeds the Intelsat phase noise mask for IBS and IDR services by more than 9 dB. This allows phase dependent demodulators to perform better. The close-in phase noise is very low, making the converter ideal for low bit rate digital circuits such as those used in DAMA hub earth stations.

Remote Control

The remote control interface is selectable between EIA-232 and EIA-485, as well as full Ethernet including Telnet, SNMP and pre-loaded HTML GUI. All configuration control, status retrieval, and adjustments are available as simple ASCII commands through the serial interface or through the front panel menu. As a cost option, the remote control command structure can be customized in order to accommodate existing network control software.

Detachable RF/IF Connector Module

Each converter is equipped with a detachable module that establishes input and output connections for the RF and IF paths. The module inserts into a rear compartment of the converter, and requires no additional outside space. The module includes SMA connectors for the RF path and BNC connectors at 50 or 75 Ω for the IF path.

Daisy Chain Redundancy Switching

The converters use our patented “Daisy Chain” integrated switching technology. The Daisy Chain design removes the relays associated with a centralized protection switch tray and distributes them across the individual converters. Daisy Chain technology successfully eliminates a central switching chassis, two power supplies, a microprocessor, and several long, costly cables. Widely accepted in the industry, Comtech EF Data’s Daisy Chain provides both pricing and marketing advantages.

Minimum Rack Space

Due to its small rack height (1.75 inches) and the elimination of the space penalty paid for a separate 1+N switch chassis, the Down Converter and the Daisy Chain switch architecture provide the most compact and cost effective converter subsystem available. The units are ideal for the construction of transportable systems such as “flyaways,” and high capacity earth stations where space utilization and economy are prime considerations.