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Mimosa B5-Lite

Unlicensed Backhaul

Mimosa B5-Lite

Fast,  Affordable, Easy

Switch to the award-winning Mimosa B5-Lite, the easiest, fastest and most affordable wireless bridge kit on the market. This backhaul radio is ideal for connecting large properties, co-located office buildings, hospital buildings or campuses. No fiber in your future? No problem – the B5-Lite is a great short range fiber-digging alternative.

The B5-Lite is a fantastic addition to any network. Make the change today and discover blazing backhaul.

Superior Performance

Our speeds will blow you away. With up to 750 Mbps and under 1 ms of latency, high performance has never been this affordable.

Rugged and Affordable

Extreme outdoor conditions have nothing on the B5-Lite. The B5-Lite handles huge fluctuations with incredible affordability.

Monitor with Ease

Assessing link health and identifying potential problems is easy. Links are instantly monitored by our Mimosa Cloud service with rich data collection and analysis.

Just Mount and Go

Connect quickly with our complete kit including super compact integrated antennas and wall mounts. Includes optional pole mounting kit.