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Mimosa C5

Access Client

Mimosa C5 Access Client

Impress Your Clients

The Mimosa C5 is a blazing fast and rugged endpoint client device for most deployment applications. Incorporating unique technology, the product is ideal for professionally installed suburban and rural fixed wireless applications.

Fiber Speeds to the Home

The C5 delivers the speed businesses and consumers need at a fraction of the cost of fiber to the premise.

Mounting Options Galore

As every installation is unique, the C5 is designed to easily attach to specially designed optional mounting accessories.

TDMA GPS Sync Client

Upstream bandwidth and latencies are allocated on demand, enabling significantly higher overall upstream network bandwidth allocation.

Compact and Powerful

Delivers incredible range with cutting-edge dual 45° slant polarization design and aperture efficiency of greater than 50%, all in the smallest design possible.

Rugged and Affordable

Protection from harsh environments now comes at an affordable price. The C5 includes sealing gel and a unique cable protector that easily accommodates unterminated or pre-terminated RJ-45 cable connectors.

Multi-User MIMO

Multiple clients on the same access point are coordinated to simultaneously share spectrum “spatially” via unique antenna beamforming.