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Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Cisco Webex Desk Pro

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro is an industry-leading intelligent collaboration device for desks and shared spaces. Collaborate, co-create, and annotate on an interactive, touch re-direct, 4k-touch display.

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro is an AI-powered collaboration device for the desk. It is purpose-built for collaboration and features a stunning 4k display, advanced cognitive collaboration capabilities like Webex Assistant and facial recognition, and creative applications like digital whiteboarding. Easily pair your device wirelessly or dock your laptop and quickly join or start your meeting with one button to push. With a USB-C connection, the Webex Desk Pro becomes your all-in-one primary monitor and collaboration device that supports your videoconferencing software of choice.
The Webex Desk Pro delivers the industry-leading collaboration experience customers have come to expect from Cisco. It is consistent—whether you’re at your desk, in a shared space, or in a corporate boardroom. Easy deployment and management capabilities allow customers to outfit and support thousands of desks and shared spaces with intelligent collaboration tools typical of larger room systems—at high value—while unique analytics provide valuable insight on utilization for resource planning.

The Webex Desk Pro is designed for personal desk-based collaboration and focus rooms that accommodate one to two people. Packed with all the workplace and workflow capabilities included within Cisco’s larger meeting room devices, the Webex Desk Pro is the ultimate desk-based collaboration device.

Premium Desk Device

  • The Webex Desk Pro provides a high-resolution, 4k-touch experience on an anti-glare, 27-inch screen
  • Co-create with a dedicated stylus that makes whiteboarding simple and clean
  • Easily share content, including presentations, documents, or your desktop
  • Easily join a meeting or make a call using the buttons on the touch display
  • Change your in-meeting background with blurred and virtual background options*

High-End Hardware

  • Capture a wide-angle view with a camera suitable for 1-2 people
  • Equipped with powerful, audio hardware and features that enhance the conferencing experience
  • Microphone array for crystal clear, directional sound pickup
  • Provides exceptional sound quality with 3 directional speakers and a subwoofer
  • Provides a collaboration experience that is as powerful as Cisco’s Room Series but designed for the desktop

USB-C Connection

  • Functions as your docking station and primary display with a USB-C connection
  • Leverage the meetings software of choice while taking advantage of high-quality conferencing hardware
  • Extend the functionality of your laptop with touch redirect that allows for touch-based PC control
  • Laptop charging over USB-C

Cognitive Collaboration

  • Includes AI-powered features that provide a frictionless meeting experience and contextual insights
  • Webex Assistant is a voice-controlled assistant that lets you start or join your meeting, book a room, or make a call
  • Facial recognition identifies meeting participants and provides name labels
  • Automatic noise detection and suppression ensures the meeting is free of distracting background noise


  • Easily whiteboard in person on remotely with the dedicated stylus or your finger
  • Automatically save content to a Webex Teams™ virtual space
  • Annotate on any content on the display

Digital Signage

  • Display on-demand content when the device isn’t being actively used
  • Deliver digital signage, channel browsing, alerts, live TV, VoD capabilities, and scheduling

Flexible Deployments

  • Registers as a cloud, hybrid or on-premises device
  • Flexible deployment models allow you to decide what deployment option is best for your business