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HPOD High Power Outdoor BUC and SSPA

Comtech EF Data’s (CEFD) series of High-Power Outdoor (HPOD) C-, X-, and Ku-Band Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) provide a cost-effective, more linear replacement for TWT amplifiers in satellite communications terminals. The HPOD delivers its rated power, guaranteed at the 1 dB compression point to the transmit waveguide flange.

Field Replaceable Power Supply

Recognizing that the MTBF limiting factor for almost all electronic equipment is the power supply, the HPOD provides for easy field replacement. Simply disconnect the AC mains, release the captive fasteners, and remove the supply from the SSPA module.

The Solid-State Advantage

Each HPOD is constructed with highly reliable GaAs FETs. With third order intermodulation products from 4 to 6 dB better than TWT ratings, the CEFD unit replaces TWTs with saturated power levels of up to twice the HPOD’s rated output. The HPOD SSPA also provides an MTBF that is 4 to 5 times greater than the typical TWT MTBF.

Functional Description

An HPOD consists of an SSPA module with the Monitor/Control Processor (MCP), a field replaceable power supply, and a field replaceable fan assembly. The amplifier features a Comtech EF Data low-loss combining technique and MCP-based temperature versus gain compensation.

Redundant Systems

The HPOD amplifiers were designed from the start to provide cost-effective 1:1 or 1:2 systems. Redundant system control is built into the unit, eliminating an external controller with its associated cabling. This provides a cost benefit to our customers both at initial purchase and at installation.

Higher Power Through Phase Combining

Comtech EF Data’s phase-combined systems allow the outputs of two amplifiers to be summed together. A “normal” 1:1 system using 300 W amplifiers provides 300 W of output power (the offline unit’s capabilities are unusable). The same amplifiers in a 1+1 phase-combined system will provide 600 W of output power in normal operation, and a “soft failure” state of 300 W. If no degradation on failure can be accommodated, a third amplifier can be added to form a 1:2 phase-combined system.

Optional “Smart BUC” Functionality

Our unique approach to L-Band/RF frequency conversions eliminates DC and 10 MHz from the input coax. This greatly simplifies redundant and multi-carrier operation. It offers full 13.75 to 14.5 GHz Ku-Band coverage and supports industry standard FSK modem/BUC communications. The optional BUC can lock to an external or internal reference oscillator.

Feature Packed

The HPOD SSPAs come equipped with useful features that other manufacturers offer as options. Included in each unit’s base price are temperature compensation, sample ports, power monitor, field-replaceable power factor corrected supply, and full remote monitor and control capabilities.