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Cisco Webex Room Series

Powerful tools for every team room

Bring more intelligence and usability to small, medium, and large video-collaboration rooms. The Cisco Webex Room Series are Webex Room 55, Webex Room 70, Webex Room Kits, Webex Room Kit Plus, and Room Kit Plus Precision 60. The Room 55 and Room 70 are fully integrated systems for small to large rooms. Use the Room Kits to turn a regular display into a video conferencing solution. Deploy both on-premises or in the cloud.


  • Camera innovation: Powerful 5K UltraHD camera and wide-angle lens cover everyone in the room.
  • Speaker tracking: Detects and switches between active speakers and provides ideal framing.*
  • Automatically detects meeting participants and provides ideal framing.
  • Supports dual screens for video and content, also supports dual content sources for local meetings.
  • Screen innovation: 4K professional-grade screen
  • Wired or wireless content sharing (only two wires required: power and HDMI)
  • Flexibility to register on-premises or to the cloud through Cisco Webex
  • 4-way embedded SIP/H.323 conferencing capability with MultiSite option
  • Great audio experience with integrated speakers and external microphones*
  • Light, sophisticated industrial design is recipient of 2017 Red Dot award for innovation in design

Remarks: * Except Cisco WebEx Room Kit Plus P60

The Power of Cisco Webex Enables Continuous Teamwork

The Cisco Webex Board is revolutionary in its capability, usability, and design. Moreover,  the ability to connect teams beyond the physical meeting room is thanks to the power of Cisco Webex . The consistency, simplicity, and reliability of experience across the Webex Board and the Webex Teams app is made possible by these key features of Cisco Webex:

Smart meetings

Bring intelligent video conferencing to every room. Discreet cameras provide ideal framing and active speaker tracking. The systems wake when you walk into the room and you can use your personal device to control them. And noise suppression reduces meeting disruptions*.

App based:

Once they are shared or created on the Webex Board and associated with a Webex Teams virtual space, content and messages live persistently and can be accessed from any mobile device – laptop, smartphone, tablet – on the Webex Teams app from wherever you are. This means work and knowledge can be transferred seamlessly from one team member to the next, from one time zone to another.

Smart rooms

The Cisco Webex Room Series can count meeting participants and provide analytics for usage and resource planning. Features include automatic screen integration and in-room control so you can start up your video meeting easily and quickly.

Run in the cloud or on premises

Room Series devices are hardware-optimized to run on a cloud platform but are also built for on-premises environments. They offer great experiences for shared rooms and spaces with easy access to hosted conferences.

There are 5 models as follows:

Cisco Webex Room 55

Cisco Webex
Room 55

  • Fully integrated system with 55” 4K screen
  • Powerful speaker system with built-in bass
  • For small to medium rooms with 6-8 people

Cisco Webex
Room 55 Dual

  • Fully integrated system with dual 55-inch 4K screens
  • Powerful speaker system with built-in bass
  • For medium rooms with up to 12 people
  • Based on Room Kit Plus technology
Cisco Webex Room 70 Single&Dual Screen

Cisco Webex
Room 70 G2

  • Fully integrated system with single or dual 70-inch 4K screen(s)
  • Stereo sound optimized for voice
  • For larger rooms with up to 14 people and complex video deployments
  • Based on Room Kit Pro
Cisco - Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex
Room Kit Mini

  • Camera and codec in one device that integrates with 4K screen
  • 120-degree field of view for huddle spaces
  • Optimized for rooms of two to five people
  • Easy installation and management
  • Use with your software video conference app through USB
Cisco Webex Room Kit

Cisco Webex
Room Kit

  • Camera and codec in one device integrates with your screen
  • For rooms that seat up to 7 people
Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Cisco Webex
Room Kit Plus

  • Separate Codec Plus and quad camera integrate with your screen
  • For larger, deeper rooms of up to 14 people
Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

Cisco Webex
Room Kit Pro

  • Powerful codec for complex, custom video deployments
  • Designed for boardrooms, auditoriums, and very large rooms
  • For up to three screens, multiple cameras, content sources
Cisco - Webex Share

Cisco Webex

  • For any TV or monitor